Hardware Support

You can use MATLAB Coder® to generate readable and portable C code from your MATLAB® algorithm, and you can integrate it into an Apple iPhone or iPad app using Apple’s Xcode IDE.

With iPhone and iPad Support from MATLAB Coder, you can deploy your MATLAB algorithm directly as an Apple iOS app, without the manual integration. Capabilities include:

  • Recording sound using the microphone and playing it back to a speaker in real time
  • Taking pictures and recording video using an iPhone or iPad camera
  • Displaying images and playing video on an iPhone or iPad screen
  • Displaying real-time numeric data in your iOS app

With MATLAB, you can design signal or image processing algorithms and applications for mobile devices. You can use the iPhone sensor support from MATLAB to log data from supported sensors on your iPhone or iPad, then analyze the data in MATLAB to help fine-tune your algorithm. You can then generate C code and integrate it into an iPhone or iPad app using MATLAB Coder. The app can then be executed on the iOS simulator or downloaded onto a physical iPhone or iPad using Apple’s Xcode IDE.

Platform Support

Available on 64-bit Microsoft® Windows®, and 64-bit Mac OS X only.

Supported in student software.