Video and Webinar Series

Reduced Order Modeling

Reduced order modeling (ROM) is a technique to simplify a high-fidelity mathematical model by reducing its computational complexity while preserving the dominant behavior of the complex model. This series highlights different applications of ROM and methods for creating reduced order models with MATLAB and Simulink.

Applications and Techniques for Creating ROMs Learn why engineers use reduced order modeling, different ROM applications, and methods for creating ROM.

Reduced Order Modeling for Jet Engine Turbine Blade Learn how to create an AI-based reduced order model (ROM) of a full-order jet engine turbine blade using the Reduced Order Modeler app.

ROM using Machine Learning Learn how to create reduced-order models of high-fidelity systems using machine learning techniques in System Identification Toolbox.

Model Order Reduction with the Model Reducer App Approximate nonlinear Simulink model with a low-order linear model.