Managing Code in MATLAB

Learn basic MATLAB coding techniques. This video series shows you how and why to create various types of MATLAB scripts and functions.  

How to Create a MATLAB Script This video will show how and why you write script files in MATLAB.

How to Create a Script Using the Live Editor in MATLAB Learn how to create and use MATLAB scripts in the Live Editor.

Functions This video will make a simple function.

Functions of One Input and One Output This video will make a function of one input and one output that we will modify through much of the rest of the tree.

Functions of Multiple Inputs and Outputs This video will modify the function to accept more inputs and give more outputs.

Functions of Variable Numbers of Inputs and Outputs This video will allow you to do input parsing so that you have the ability to overload functions, meaning allow them to react differently to different inputs.

Cell Mode Scripts Cell mode scripts are a way to make something like a "MATLAB workbook". They can be used to make easily published documents and allow you to break your scripts into smaller chunks that can be run individually.

Cell Mode Publishing This MATLAB tutorial will show you how to make simple automatic reports in MATLAB with cell mode. It is a way of getting MATLAB worksheets or MATLAB workbooks.

Driver Scripts This video shows you how to make a driver script in MATLAB. These are well suited for when you need to test a function in MATLAB and want to do it easily, setting up inputs and the rest of the environment.

Sub Functions This MATLAB tutorial video will show you how to make subfunctions in MATLAB. This allows you to have functions that are available only to other functions in the same file.