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Times 2 - START HERE
Try out this test problem first. Given the variable x as your input, multiply it by two and put the result in y. Examples:...

約2年 前

usage of fileEnsembleDatastore for text files
If you open the example (click "Open Live Script" at the top of the example page) this will open a folder with the readFleetData...

約3年 前 | 0

Write to a file in fileEnsembleDatastore
Using save(filename,variables,'-append') is fine. The format save(filename, '-append', '-struct', 'data'); saves the fields of t...

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Diagnostic Feature Explorer
Design features for machine diagnostics and prognostics

4年弱 前 | ダウンロード 22 件 |


file ensemble data store
Hi Attached is a function for reading data from a text file with 16 columns of numeric data (actually data from the PHM Socie...

4年以上 前 | 1


Simulink® for Industrial Control of a Sheet-Metal-Rolling Application
Files from webinar on Industrial control of a steel rolling mill

6年以上 前 | ダウンロード 6 件 |

User stopped Parameter Estimation possible?
Unfortunately this isn't currently supported by the command line parameter estimation functionality but is something we will add...

10年以上 前 | 0

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How to display progress plots using code driven parameter optimization
Unfortunately command line parameter estimation does not support progress plots during estimation. The estimation process d...

10年以上 前 | 2

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Simulink design optimization with Parallel computing toolbox
Hi Srinivas, Is this for an estimation problem, in other words is it the expected model output data that is "pretty huge"? Ca...

11年弱 前 | 0

Optimize three inputs of a simulink model based on the performance of certain output variables
Hi Amir, While it's not an estimation problem the example at <> ...

11年弱 前 | 0

Response optimization (Defining independent parameters)
The tool detects tuning parameters by determining what variables are used by the model. In this case the tool cannot detetct tha...

約11年 前 | 0

Tuning parameters using signal constraint blockset wtih an AC signal as the reference
Hi Daniel, I don't know your exact problem but generally trying to match frequency characteristics from time domain signals i...

11年以上 前 | 0

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OptimOptions and OutputFcn in Parameter Estimation
Thank you for your feedback regarding the ParameterEstimation OptimOptions and OutputFcn. The help should indicate that the Op...

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