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My interest lies in 5G , ML and Image Processing.
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Error constructing shaded error bar
Hi Samuele, As I understand while executing your code you are facing errors. According to error shown, the inputs to plot() ...

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how to add legend for each of my gains in nyuiqust plot ?
Hi Tomer , I understand you want different legend according to value of Gain(K) Rather than using legend('Gain(K) is=' ,num2s...

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Unrecognized function or variable 'LookupTableFiles'.
Hi Mari, I understand that you are getting an error while executing the code. It is probably happening because you may hav...

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How can I integrate a simple slider?
Hi Alexander, I understand that you want to add a slider in the given code. Slider can be added using uicontrol in MATLAB. ...

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Mesh graph, Legend ?
Hi, Legends can be added to all sorts of graph present in MATLAB. You can have a look at

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How to write a script to fill vector
Hi, I understand that you want to create a vector b with the conditions as defined using for / if / else statements. There...

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