Modeling and Simulation of Multi-Physics Systems with MATLAB

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This course is an introduction to modeling and simulation (8 chapter, more than 90 models and scripts) MATLAB, SImulink, SImscape, Stateflow
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Engineers are at the heart of the design process of complex systems and must meet the challenges of competitiveness, innovation and performance on a daily basis. This cannot be done without integrating structured industrial processes, nor without mastery of modern modeling and simulation tools. At each stage of the design cycle, the methods used must enable the lowering of costs, a reduction in the risk of error and a minimizing of the impact of errors.
At the heart of this process, digital modeling and simulation play a major role in allowing engineers to anticipate, understand and verify the analyses that they conduct throughout a project.

Standard industrial procedures, such as the V-Model, fully integrate digital simulation through associated methods such as “Model Based Design”. Modern simulation tools facilitate the creation of complex global models integrating all of the components of a system and taking all interactions into account. This procedure is called multi-physics modeling. The real system may be advantageously replaced by its digital model in order to conduct test that mobilize significant human and material resources ahead of time. This procedure requires the availability of validated models that faithfully reproduce the behavior of real systems.

This book will provide you with a multi-physics modeling approach that uses the functionalities and innovations of simulation software in order to make the modeling process quicker and more efficient. The simulation platform used is MATLAB/Simulink software, version 2015a.

The work is intended to provide the keys to facilitate the global modeling of a system by creating the link between industrial methods and methods used in the engineer training cycle. This is illustrated by numerous examples in different technological domains (electric, hydraulic, mechanical...) and highlights the interconnection of physics domains.

The fundamentals for all of the tools necessary to conduct this procedure are presented:
• Simulink
• Simscape
• Simscape_Fluids
• Simscape_Multibody
• Simscape_Electronics
• Statflow

This work suggests an introduction to their use and will not make you an expert in any of them. You may, on the other hand, use it to perceive their full potential, and exploit it in greater depth in accordance with the specific needs that you encounter in your modeling.

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