Read the indicator value using Deep Learning

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Read the indicator (meter) value using CNN regression with pre-trained AlexNet

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In factories and other workplaces, there are many scenes where people read the meter value visually. If you work for it for long time, you get stressed and human error can occur. You may try rules-based image processing. but it is not easy to create a robust algorithm that can handle any environment.

In this sample code, the meter value obtained by the camera is predicted using deep learning regression.
I customized the pre-trained CNN network (AlexNet) for regression and applied the model into the task to read meter values.

You can get the pretrained AlexNet here.

Image processing・Computer Vision・Deep Learning・CNN・Deep Learning・Machine Learning・Regression・Transfer learning


Takuji Fukumoto (2022). Read the indicator value using Deep Learning (, GitHub. 取得済み .

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