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version (4.63 MB) by michio
The demo files for the webinar: "Predictive Maintenance using MATLAB" (in Japanese).


Updated 04 Feb 2021

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事前に prepareData.m を実行しデモに必要なデータを準備してください。

- Case1: 故障データ無し UnsupervisedWebinarLive_JP.mlx
- Case2: 故障データ有り ClassificationWebinarLive_JP.mlx



深層学習を使用した sequence-to-sequence 回帰(Deep Learning Toolbox を使用)

類似度ベースの残存耐用期間推定(Predictive Maintenance Toolboxを使用)

また、教師無し学習の例としてこちらの File Exchange のコードでは他の手法も試しております。

This zip file includes the demo files for the webinar "Predictive Maintenance with MATLAB" (in Japanese)
Please run prepareData.m to download and preprocess the data set.
- Case1 No data from failures: UnsupervisedWebinarLive_JP.mlx
- Case2 Have failure data: ClassificationWebinarLive_JP.mlx

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michio (2021). デモファイル:MATLABを使った予知保全・故障予測 (, GitHub. Retrieved .

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Misa Taguchi

Misa Taguchi


Sugoi desu. Works fine, thank you.

Many many thanks @michio

Yuliano Moscoso Yarin


Yuliano Moscoso Yarin

Thanks so much , First of all, thanks for sharing, the scripts work really well without any problem. What I can not get is to perform a monitoring dashboard as shown in the webinar, you could be as kind to share as you did.


Have you run prepareData.m? If you see any errors in running the script, please let me know. Or you can check by accessing "" from your web browser.

Wilibaldo Lagos

I´m having problems to get the database, could anyone send me the or explain me how to get it.

Hello I need the version in English :-(

Tohru Kikawada

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