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Have no fear. Superbar is here!
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Bars! Bars! Bars!
Make bar charts rammed full of extra features:
- in full technicolor, with a unique colour for every bar if that's what you're into
- showing errors on the values using errorbars, with many styles available
- with statistical significance of each bar indicated with stars above them
- with statistical significance of comparisons between pairs of bars shown with lines between the pairs and stars above them
- and all this in either horizontal or vertical orientations
Have no fear. Superbar is here!
And that's not all! It comes with a free copy of SUPERERR, which you can use to plot error bars not on bar charts. Plot errors in both X and Y with lots of style options for capped, uncapped, one-directional, symmetric, asymmetric errorbars. It can do everything you want, just as long as what you want is to plot errorbars on a set of linear-linear axes!

If you want to help make SUPERBAR even more super, you can report bugs and suggest new features on GitHub:

Tested in R2011a (Windows) and R2016a (Windows & Ubuntu).


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MATLAB リリースの互換性
作成: R2011a
Windows macOS Linux

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バージョン 公開済み リリース ノート

- PStarLatex option allows changing whether significance text is rendered using the LaTeX interpreter, with the default now as `'off'`.
- PStarIcon option allows changing the symbol used for stars.

- Support for older version of inputParser in R2007a-R2013a with `addParamValue` instead of `addParameter` method.
- Avoid using `narginchk` in versions pre-2011b before it was introduced.

Added support for cell array colour inputs.
Added BarLineWidth input.
BarFaceColor default changed to transparent if a BarEdgeColor isn't.
Default errorbar colour inherited from BarFaceColor will now be lighter for dark bars.

Added README, tutorial, logo.
Changed default PLineSourceRelativeSpacing, PStarThreshold now `[0.05, 0.01, 0.001, 0.0001]`.
Fixed behaviour of > sign when showing significance; now > appears instead of a star when all thresholds are exceeded.

Add unit tests for SUPERBAR.
Fix bug when plotting into non-current axes.

When there is no source separation, offset line starts.
Add unit tests for supererr.

Change output shapes of HB, HPT, HPL, HPB to match the shape of Y.

- Avoid axes input to text and line fns, supporting <R2016a (tested in R2015b)
- P-value text in LaTeX mode, "n.s." when not significant, bg colour
- Change shape of outputs hpl, hpt, hpb
- Update defaults for p thresholds, errorbar widths, fontsize

Change default orientation of star text for horizontal bars; now normal for single p-values and sideways for pair-wise p-values.

Show pairwise comparison lines on horizontally oriented plots.

Bug fixes

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