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How to read hyperspectral data

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Dear All,
I have hyperspectral data from TASI-600 produced by company Itres. It produces 'TASI_yyyy_MM_dd_hhmmss.dat.atmY.24-bands.BBT.dat', 'TASI_yyyy_MM_dd_hhmmss.dat.atmY.24-bands.BBT.dat.enp' and 'TASI_yyyy_MM_dd_hhmmss.dat.atmY.24-bands.BBT.dat.hdr' files. I installed Hyperspectral Imaging Library but I cannot view the files with the below mentioned function. Could someone suggest me a solution to read these hyperspectral files?
hcube = hypercube('TASI_2019_09_04_105424.dat.atmY.24-bands.BBT.dat','TASI_2019_09_04_105424.dat.atmY.24-bands.BBT.dat.hdr');
Error using enviinfo (line 53)
File type number: char not supported.
Error in hypercube>getMetaforImg (line 1227)
header = enviinfo(imgFile);
Error in hypercube (line 304)
obj.Metadata = getMetaforImg(hdrfile, 'envi');


Subhadeep Koley
Subhadeep Koley 2021 年 6 月 9 日
The error is originating from line number 53 of "enviinfo.m".
I suspect you have one local custom function in the name of "enviinfo.m", that is conflicting with the Hyperspectral Imaging Library's own enviinfo(__) function.
Rename or delete your local custom "enviinfo.m" function and then try again.
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Beata Szabo-Takacs
Beata Szabo-Takacs 2021 年 6 月 10 日
Thank you Subhadeep for your response. I found that I had local custom function in the name of "enviinfo.m". I renamed it and I can read the hyperspectral data which has wavelenght info.


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