Need a better way to loop through a Matrix column and then output the row

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I have a matrix (Nodal_Coordinates). I'm trying to loop through column 1 to find Node 1, Node 2... Node n. Then once Node_1 is found, I need it to display the respective row and only column 2 and column 3. The matrix row size can change with respect to the input, so it needs to be flexible on evaluating the matrix up to nth nodes. However, the columns will always be three. Col 1 is the node number, Col 2 is the x coordinate, Col 3 is the y coordinate. Below is the code I've been trying, but it outputs the entire row instead of just the 2nd and 3rd values of the row, and it's not flexible for nth rows... it only works for a fixed number of rows. Thanks for the help.
Nodal_Coordinates =
1 0 0
2 3 0
3 6 0
4 9 0
8 0 3
7 3 3
6 6 3
5 9 3
for i = Nodal_Coordinates(:,1)
for i = 1
Node_1 = Nodal_Coordinates(i,:)
for i = 2
Node_2 = Nodal_Coordinates(i,:)
for i = 3
Node_3 = Nodal_Coordinates(i,:)
for i = 4
Node_4 = Nodal_Coordinates(i,:)
for i = 5
Node_5 = Nodal_Coordinates(i,:)
for i = 6
Node_6 = Nodal_Coordinates(i,:)
for i = 7
Node_7 = Nodal_Coordinates(i,:)
for i = 8
Node_8 = Nodal_Coordinates(i,:)
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Turlough Hughes
Turlough Hughes 2020 年 3 月 2 日
Your code tells me you are quite new to matlab. I would recommend you do the introductory onramp course for matlab.



Tom Holz
Tom Holz 2020 年 3 月 2 日
編集済み: Tom Holz 2020 年 3 月 2 日
Something like this
for k = 1:size(Nodal_Coordinates,1)
% Find the index of the kth row
ind = find(Nodal_Coordinates(:,1) == k, 'first');
% Extract the rest of that row, skipping the first column
Node_Data = Nodal_Coordiantes(ind,2:end);
% Do what you want with that data
However, you might be able to simply this process by sorting the data first:
% Sortrows defaults to sorting by the first column in numeric order,
% and if no two rows have the same index in the first column,
% this will produce the desired result.
Nodal_Coordinates = sortrows(Nodal_Coordinates);
% Now you can just loop through the matrix and grab the data without using find().
for k = 1:size(Nodal_Coordinates,1)
ind = Nodal_Coordinates(k,1);
Node_Data = Nodal_Coordinates(k, 2:end);
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Tom Holz
Tom Holz 2020 年 3 月 2 日
I agree with Stephen. If you want to display the data, look into a function like printf:
for k = 1:size(Nodal_Coordinates,1)
ind = Nodal_Coordinates(k,1);
Node_Data = Nodal_Coordinates(k, 2:end);
fprintf('Node #%d: %s\n', ind, num2str(Node_Data));
If you want to reuse the data later, consider putting it into another variable, like a cell array. Cell arrays are quite versatile and are worth learning about.
nodeCount = size(Nodal_Coordinates,1);
nodes = cell(nodeCount,1);
for k = 1:nodeCount
ind = Nodal_Coordinates(k,1);
Node_Data = Nodal_Coordinates(k, 2:end);
nodes{k} = Node_Data;


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