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How to find the x-axis of modulation transfer function of a gaussian curve in MATLAB?

Manu Francis さんによって質問されました 2019 年 7 月 25 日
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I am trying to find modulation transfer function of a gaussian curve by using MATLAB. The gaussian curve is as below:
x- axis is distance(form -15mm to 15mm) and y axis is count(Magnitude). I used the following code to find find fourier transfrom of gaussian curve.
FFT_y = fft(y); %take fourier transform
FF_mag = abs(FFT_y )/(length(FFT_y )); %find magnitude
FF_mag = (FF_mag-min(FF_mag))./(max(FF_mag)-min(FF_mag)); %normalize magnitude
I cropped FF_mag by using the following codes
FF_mag_nw = FF_mag(1:(length(FF_y)/32));
I used 32 in above code to get main portion of graph and I got MTF plot as below:
I am confused about X-axis. What will be the range of X-axis in per mm? Can anyone help me give an idea to calculate X-axis of MTF plot?
Thanks in Advance! Manu

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Answer by Nikhil Sonavane on 2 Aug 2019

Referring to the last plot function used-
The above command will plot FF_mag_nw which is a one-dimensional matrix against its row number as its x co-ordinate. X-axis in the plot will span from 1 to length(FF_y)/32. Hence, x-axis in your plot will only signify the total number of data points in FF_mag_nw.

  1 件のコメント [see under plot(Y)]- exactly as mentioned in the doc, which is what Nikhil describes in his answer.

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