How to convert a cell array to a double or numeric number and conserve only the needed numeric values?

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Hello together,
i please need your support concerning one problem, that i face to since 3 hours already :-(. It concern a sensor data processing. My cell look like:
_ *contenuText = 4×3 cell array
{'SensorName'} {'Temperature'} {'Pressure' }
{'Sensor1' } {'temp 40' } {'500.000mBar'}
{'Sensor1' } {'temp 40' } {'500.000mBar'}
{'Sensor1' } {'temp 40' } {'250.000mBar'}*_
for k = 1:length(Pression)
tmpStr = strsplit( Pression{k}, {':','.'} )
tmpStrT = strsplit( Temperature{k}, {':',' '} )
if ~strcmp( tmpStr{k},'')
tmp = str2num(separationStr{k})
Thanks for your support.
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dpb 2018 年 8 月 12 日
Where do these data come from? If the original data are from a file, could read the file directly; if it's from a serial interface or some other form, knowing that would help, too.
The better solution may be to get the data into a better form earlier rather than parsing the cell array as you have here (altho that's certinly do-able; may be more trouble than is needed).


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GK 2018 年 9 月 3 日
Hello, you can use textscan() to separate string and numeric vales.
Use '%s' string and '%f' to separate string and numeric values respectively.
Example 1: Read each column of a text file.
Suppose the text file 'mydata.dat' contains the following:
Sally Level1 12.34 45 1.23e10 inf Nan Yes 5.1+3i
Joe Level2 23.54 60 9e19 -inf 0.001 No 2.2-.5i
Bill Level3 34.90 12 2e5 10 100 No 3.1+.1i
Read the file:
fid = fopen('mydata.dat');
C = textscan(fid, '%s%s%f32%d8%u%f%f%s%f');
textscan returns a 1-by-9 cell array C with the following cells:
C{1} = {'Sally','Joe','Bill'} %class cell
C{2} = {'Level1'; 'Level2'; 'Level3'} %class cell
C{3} = [12.34;23.54;34.9] %class single
C{4} = [45;60;12] %class int8
C{5} = [4294967295; 4294967295; 200000] %class uint32
C{6} = [Inf;-Inf;10] %class double
C{7} = [NaN;0.001;100] %class double
C{8} = {'Yes','No','No'} %class cell
C{9} = [5.1+3.0i; 2.2-0.5i; 3.1+0.1i] %class double


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