How to display the results of the system to the matlab gui that was made?

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syarifah cambami
syarifah cambami 2017 年 8 月 24 日
コメント済み: Walter Roberson 2017 年 9 月 1 日
How to display the results of the system to the matlab gui that was made?, why the GUI can't display the result? Instead it displays in Command Window wich a place for dispaly debug?
with the script I use yet also displays the results of the system to the matlab gui.
function Pengujian_Callback(hObject, eventdata, handles)
% hObject handle to Pengujian (see GCBO)
% eventdata reserved - to be defined in a future version of MATLAB
% handles structure with handles and user data (see GUIDATA)
U = load ('datauji.dat')
X = U (1: 30, 1: 6);
Y = U (1: 30, 6)
ket = get(handles.input,'value');
DATA2 = [X];
n2 = size(DATA2,2)
Input_Uji = DATA2(1: 30, 1: n2-1)'
Target_Uji = DATA2(1: 30, n2)'
load data_latih
load kolom_latih
load latih
load latih_120_80_2_Lr04_Mc07_traingdx.mat
%Evaluasi Output Jaringan
handles.edtmse.String = num2str(E3);
handles.edtm.String = num2str(m1);
handles.edtb.String = num2str(b1);
handles.edtr.String = num2str(r1);
k=[1: size(Unormal,2)];
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2017 年 9 月 1 日
Okay, I have managed to install R14 with NN. It turns out that I need to know what values you are entering for each of the input boxes.


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Stalin Samuel
Stalin Samuel 2017 年 9 月 1 日
set(handles.edtm, 'String', num2str(E3));
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Stephen23 2017 年 9 月 1 日
syarifah cambami' "Answer" moved here:
Dear Stalin Samuel
Thank you have answered my question, Sir. I've tried it but still no change. As shown below :


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