Creating a loop for genearating matrix

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Hello All, I am new to matlab and i need to create a loop for my code below. Could yu please help me out in this. The input u and y are 301x1 matrices.
m = 1;
Y1 = y(2:301);
psi1 = [-y(1:300) u(1:300)];
theta1 = inv(psi1'*psi1)*psi1'*Y1
e1 = Y1 - psi1*theta1;
Vmin1 = e1'*e1
Y2 = y(3:301);
psi2 = [-y(2:300) -y(1:299) u(2:300) u(1:299)]
theta2 = inv(psi2'*psi2)*psi2'*Y2
e2 = Y2 - psi2*theta2;
Vmin2 = e2'*e2
Y3 = [y(4:301)];
psi3 = [-y(3:300) -y(2:299) -y(1:298) u(3:300) u(2:299) u(1:298)];
theta3 = inv(psi3'*psi3)*psi3'*Y3
e3 = Y3 - psi3*theta3;
Vmin3 = e3'*e3
Y4 = [y(5:301)];
psi4 = [-y(4:300) -y(3:299) -y(2:298) -y(1:297) u(4:300) u(3:299) u(2:298) u(1:297)];
theta4 = inv(psi4'*psi4)*psi4'*Y4
e4 = Y4 - psi4*theta4;
Vmin4 = e4'*e4
Y5 = [y(6:301)];
psi5 = [-y(5:300) -y(4:299) -y(3:298) -y(2:297) -y(1:296) u(5:300) u(4:299) u(3:298) u(2:297) u(1:296)];
theta5 = inv(psi5'*psi5)*psi5'*Y5
e5 = Y5 - psi5*theta5;
Vmin5 = e5'*e5
I need to create a loop for generating psi everytime. Does anyone have any idea about how can we create it for the above code?
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Divya Krishna Ramakrishna
Divya Krishna Ramakrishna 2015 年 12 月 22 日
this is for 5 values i have written. i need to find for 20 values.



Renato Agurto
Renato Agurto 2015 年 12 月 22 日
Hi. I hope this is what you need
N = length(y); %should be 301
for i = 1:5
Y{i} = y(i+1:N);
tmpY = [];
tmpU = [];
for j = 1:i
tmpY = [tmpY -1*y(i+1-j:N-j)];
tmpU = [tmpU u(i+1-j:N-j)];
psi{i} = [tmpY tmpU];
theta{i} = inv(psi{i}'*psi{i})*psi{i}'*Y{i};
e{i}= Y{i} - psi{i}*theta{i};
Vmin{i} = e{i}'*e{i};
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Divya Krishna Ramakrishna
Divya Krishna Ramakrishna 2015 年 12 月 22 日
Got it thank you. works perfectly fine :) :)


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