merge the cells from a structured array

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Ilias Minas
Ilias Minas 2022 年 11 月 16 日
編集済み: Stephen23 2022 年 11 月 16 日
Hi all,
I created a script to combine together in the same array some mat files.
The outcome is a structured array as seen in the picture attached
Is there any way of creating different arrays with all the data from each cell combined.For example, a seperate array such as time having all the values from each cell.
I tried many things but nothing worked.
Thank you

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Stephen23 2022 年 11 月 16 日
編集済み: Stephen23 2022 年 11 月 16 日
Where S is your structure (you have to know what size array you want to get):
time = vertcat(S.time) % 5700x1
time = horzcat(S.time) % 300x19
time = cat(3,S.time) % 300x1x19


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