How do I load multiple .mat files and save them as variables?

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Paul 2022 年 9 月 2 日
編集済み: Stephen23 2022 年 9 月 2 日
So I'm trying to load multiple .mat files into matlab. In the current folder, my .mat files are named "test1.mat" to "test2036.mat", so 36 test cases in total.
Can I have some help in importing all of the test cases and saving as variables such as "test1Data", "test2Data" etc.
Anyhelp is much appreciated! Thanks :)
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Paul 2022 年 9 月 2 日
Thanks for your quick response, I made an error in the original question, it shouldn't read test2036.mat but just test36.mat


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Stephen23 2022 年 9 月 2 日
編集済み: Stephen23 2022 年 9 月 2 日
P = '.'; % absolute or relative path to where the files are saved.
S = dir(fullfile(P,'test*.mat'));
for k = 1:numel(S)
F = fullfile(P,S(k).name);
C = struct2cell(load(F));
S(k).data = C{1}; % assuming exactly one variable per file, which
end % is important information you did not tell us.
Your file data will be stored in the structure array S. You can trivially loop over all of S to process the imported data.
For example the second file name and its corresponding data:
You can also use the following convenience syntax to access the field data of S:
If you expect those files to be listed in alphanumeric order, you can download and use this:


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