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I have to modify some pressure values with XSteam but I realized this code use only scalars. Example: XSteam(‘rho_pT’,1,200) returns the density at 1 bar and 200°C. Instead of the values ​​1 and 200 I would like to put a vector of pressure and a vector of temperatures.
How could I do that?
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dpb 2022 年 5 月 13 日
You'd have to rewrite the interface for XSteam itself to know what to do with vector inputs; I've looked at that code some in the past and while doable, it would be quite a bit of work given all the functions there are.
It would end up being a (probably recursive) loop to do the multiple cases inside anyway, so probably the way to approach it if you want a higher-level interface that is vectorized is to just write a wrapper routine that takes the input and contains the looping construct to call the calculational routine for the combination of inputs.
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Guglielmo Giambartolomei
Guglielmo Giambartolomei 2022 年 5 月 17 日
Hello dpb,
I solved with a simple "for" cycle.
Thank you,


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