How can I modify tooltip delays in my application designed in Application Designer?

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I would like to change some properties of all tooltips in my application. I've found a suggestion to utilize the following command:
tm = javax.swing.ToolTipManager.sharedInstance; %static method to get ToolTipManager object
javaMethodEDT('setInitialDelay',tm,10000); % Increase delay to 10 seconds
However, when I insert this snippet of code into my startupFcn, it has no effect. Is there a way to implement this code in App Designer to configure the delay of tooltips?


Adam Danz
Adam Danz 2021 年 12 月 16 日
Java methods are not supported by uifigures.
Unfortunately I am unaware of workaround. My apps usually contain a checkbox option in the options menu to toggle off/on tooltips. When toggled off, the app stores all component tootip text and replaces the tooltips empty chars (''). When toggled back on, the original component tooltips are restored.

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