I want to increase my cell's length by 8 times, by making each and every element copying by 8 times.

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If i have a cell of size 2*1 containing 2 elements cat and dog. Now I want to increase my cell size by 16*1, by making my 1st 8 elements as cat and next 8 elements as dog. If anyone could help me solve it by loops or any other means, it would be a great help. Thanks !!!!


Stephen 2021 年 9 月 27 日
C = {'cat','dog'};
D = repelem(C,8)
D = 1×16 cell array
{'cat'} {'cat'} {'cat'} {'cat'} {'cat'} {'cat'} {'cat'} {'cat'} {'dog'} {'dog'} {'dog'} {'dog'} {'dog'} {'dog'} {'dog'} {'dog'}

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