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Receives message from Simulink model using a message reader object

Since R2020b


status=ReadSimulation3DMessage(MessageReader, dataSize, data) receives a message from a Simulink® model using a message reader object.

The C++ syntax is

int ReadSimulation3DMessage(void *MessageReader, uint32 dataSize, void *data);

Input Arguments

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Pointer to message reader object, ReadSimulation3DMessage.

Data Types: void *

Size of data, that is, data (sizeof(datatype) *num_of_elements). For example, if you want to read a vector of 3 floats, the data size is sizeof(float)*3.

Data Types: uint32

Pointer to data object.

Data Types: void *

Output Arguments

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Status, returned as either 0 or a nonzero integer. When the operation is successful, status is 0. Otherwise, status is a nonzero integer.

Version History

Introduced in R2020b