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systemcomposer.rptgen.finder.FunctionFinder class

Package: systemcomposer.rptgen.finder
Superclasses: mlreportgen.finder.Finder (MATLAB Report Generator)

Find function objects

Since R2022b


The systemcomposer.rptgen.finder.FunctionFinder class searches for information about all the functions in a given System Composer™ software architecture model.


finder = FunctionFinder(Container) creates a finder that finds all functions in a software architecture model specified by the Properties property to search for functions with these properties.


This finder provides two ways to get search results:

  • To return the search results as an array, use the find method. Add the results directly to a report or process the results in a for loop.

  • To iterate through the results one at a time, use the hasNext and next methods in a while loop.

Neither option has a performance advantage.


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Architecture model file name without the .slx extension, specified as a string.

Example: f = FunctionFinder("ArchModel")

Data Types: string

Component to find functions in, specified as a string of the full path.

Example: f.ComponentName = "mTestModel/Component1"



Data Types: string

Properties of objects to find, specified as a cell array of name-value arguments. The finder returns only objects that have the specified properties with the specified values.

Example: f.Properties = {'Gain','5'}

Data Types: char


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Version History

Introduced in R2022b