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System Composer Report Generation for System Architectures

This example shows the different parts of a report generation script for a System Composer™ architecture model and its artifacts.

Import the relevant packages and then add the folder with the example files to the MATLAB® path.

import slreportgen.finder.*
import mlreportgen.dom.*
import mlreportgen.utils.*
import systemcomposer.query.*
import systemcomposer.rptgen.finder.*


Initialize the report.

rpt =,output="SystemArchitectureReport");

Load the model and reference model.

model = systemcomposer.loadModel("mTestModel");

Append the title page and the table of contents.



Add sections and paragraphs to add textual information to the report.

Introduction = Chapter("Title", "Introduction");
sec1_1 = Section('Title', "Purpose");
p1 = Paragraph(['This document provides a comprehensive architectural ...' ...
    'overview of the system using a number of different architecture views...' ...
    ' to depict different aspects of the system. It is intended to capture...' ...
    ' and convey the significant architectural decisions which have been...' ...
    ' made for the system.']);
append(sec1_1, p1);

sec1_2 = Section("Scope");
p2 = Paragraph(['This System Architecture Description provides an architectural...' ...
    ' overview of the Mobile Robot System being designed and developed by the...' ...
    ' Acme Corporation. The document was generated directly from the Mobile...' ...
    ' Robot models implemented in MATLAB, Simulink and System Composer.']);
append(sec1_2, p2);
append(Introduction, sec1_1);
append(Introduction, sec1_2);

Architectural Elements

Create a new chapter to represent architectural elements.

ArchitecturalElements = Chapter("Architecture Description");

Use the Simulink® slreportgen.finder.SystemDiagramFinder (Simulink Report Generator) finder to add a snapshot of the model to the report.

systemContext = Section(model.Name);
finder = SystemDiagramFinder(model.Name);
finder.SearchDepth = 0;
results = find(finder);
append(systemContext, results);

append(ArchitecturalElements, systemContext);

Use the systemcomposer.rptgen.finder.ComponentFinder finder to report on components in the model.

cf = ComponentFinder(model.Name);
cf.Query = AnyComponent();
comp_finder = find(cf);

for comp = comp_finder
    componentSection = Section("Title", comp.Name);

Create a list of components allocated from or to a particular component using the systemcomposer.rptgen.finder.AllocationListFinder finder.

    d = AllocationListFinder(fullfile(matlabroot, 'toolbox', 'systemcomposer', 'examples', 'rpt', "AllocationSet.mldatx"));
    compObject = lookup(model,'UUID',comp.Object);
    d.ComponentName = getfullname(compObject.SimulinkHandle);
    result = find(d);
    append(componentSection, comp);

Append the component information to the report.


Append the allocation information to the report.

    append(systemContext, result);

Allocation Sets

Create a chapter to report on the allocation sets associated with the model.

Find all allocation sets using the systemcomposer.rptgen.finder.AllocationSetFinder finder.

allocation_finder = AllocationSetFinder(fullfile(matlabroot, 'toolbox', 'systemcomposer', 'examples', 'rpt', "AllocationSet.mldatx"));
AllocationChapter = Chapter("Allocations");
while hasNext(allocation_finder)
    alloc = next(allocation_finder);
    allocationName = Section(alloc.Name);
    append(allocationName, alloc);
    append(AllocationChapter, allocationName);

Architecture Views

Create a chapter to display information about the architecture views in the model.

Find all the views using the systemcomposer.rptgen.finder.ViewFinder finder.

ViewChapter = Chapter("Architecture Views");
view_finder = ViewFinder(model.Name);
    v = next(view_finder);
    viewName = Section('Title', v.Name);
    append(viewName, v);
    append(ViewChapter, viewName);

Dependency Graph

Create a chapter to display the dependency graph image using the reporter.

Packaging = Chapter("Packaging");
packaging = Section('Title', 'Packaging');
graph ="Source", [model.Name '.slx']);
append(packaging, graph);
append(Packaging, packaging);

Requirements Analysis

Report on all the requirement sets and requirement link sets associated with the model.

ReqChapter = Chapter("Requirements Analysis");

Requirement Sets

Collect the requirement sets using the systemcomposer.rptgen.finder.RequirementSetFinder finder.

RequirementSetSection = Section("Requirement Sets");
reqFinder1 = RequirementSetFinder(fullfile(matlabroot, 'toolbox', 'systemcomposer', 'examples', 'rpt', "TestRequirement.slreqx"));
result = find(reqFinder1);
pp = Paragraph("This requirement set describes the system requirements for the mobile robot that are derived from the stakeholder needs document.");
append(RequirementSetSection, pp);
append(RequirementSetSection, result.getReporter);

Requirement Link Sets

Collect the requirement link sets using the systemcomposer.rptgen.finder.RequirementLinkFinder finder.

RequirementLinkSection = Section("Requirement Link Sets");
reqLinkFinder = RequirementLinkFinder(fullfile(matlabroot, 'toolbox', 'systemcomposer', 'examples', 'rpt', "TestRequirement.slmx"));
resultL = find(reqLinkFinder);
rptr ="Source", resultL);
append(RequirementLinkSection, rptr);

append(ReqChapter, RequirementSetSection);
append(ReqChapter, RequirementLinkSection);


Create a chapter to report on all the interfaces in the model.

Check if any dictionaries are linked within the model using the systemcomposer.rptgen.finder.DictionaryFinder finder.

df = DictionaryFinder(model.Name);
dictionary = find(df);
No Dictionaries present in the Model
boolHasNoDictionary = isempty(dictionary)
boolHasNoDictionary = logical

Since boolHasNoDictionary is true, create a separate chapter for interfaces to report on all the interfaces associated with the model using the systemcomposer.rptgen.finder.InterfaceFinder finder.

if boolHasNoDictionary
    InterfaceChapter = Chapter("Interfaces Appendix");
    interfaceFinder = InterfaceFinder(model.Name);
    interfaceFinder.SearchIn = "Model";
    while hasNext(interfaceFinder)
        intf = next(interfaceFinder);
        interfaceName = Section(intf.InterfaceName);
        append(interfaceName, intf);
        append(InterfaceChapter, interfaceName);


Create a chapter to report on all the profiles in the model.

Find all the profiles using the systemcomposer.rptgen.finder.ProfileFinder finder.

ProfileChapter = Chapter("Profiles Appendix");
pf = ProfileFinder("TestProfile.xml");
while hasNext(pf)
    intf = next(pf);
    profileName = Section(intf.Name);
    append(profileName, intf);
    append(ProfileChapter, profileName);


Create a section to report on all the stereotypes in the profiles in the model.

Find all the stereotypes using the systemcomposer.rptgen.finder.StereotypeFinder finder.

StereotypeSection = Section("Stereotypes");
sf = StereotypeFinder("TestProfile.xml");
while hasNext(sf)
    stf = next(sf);
    stereotypeName = Section(stf.Name);
    append(stereotypeName, stf);
    append(StereotypeSection, stereotypeName);

append(ProfileChapter, StereotypeSection);

Final Report

Add all the chapters to the report in the desired order.

append(rpt, Introduction);
append(rpt, ArchitecturalElements);
append(rpt, ViewChapter);
append(rpt, Packaging);
append(rpt, AllocationChapter);
append(rpt, ReqChapter);
append(rpt, InterfaceChapter);
append(rpt, ProfileChapter);


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