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Model, simulate, and visualize aerospace systems in 3D environment using Simulink® 3D Animation™ and other MathWorks® products

Simulink 3D Animation allows you to model and simulate a variety of aerospace systems in 3D environment.

In addition, the following products extend the Simulink 3D Animation environment for aerospace applications:

  • Aerospace Blockset enables you to model, simulate, and analyze aerospace vehicle dynamics. You can incorporate vehicle dynamics, validate models of the flight environment, and model pilot behavior. Aircraft Scenarios (Aerospace Blockset) enables you to model, simulate, and visualize 3D aircraft scenarios in Unreal Engine® visualization environment.

  • UAV Toolbox enables you to design, simulate, and test unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) and drone applications. You can design autonomous flight algorithms, UAV missions and flight controllers. Scenario Simulation (UAV Toolbox) enables you to visualize scenarios in Unreal Engine visualization environment; to generate high-fidelity radar, camera, and lidar sensor data; and to test perception-in-the-loop systems.