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Shared Constraints

You can create and save parameter constraints in a MAT file. You can save a constraint in a MAT file either from the Mask Editor or programmatically. Multiple block masks can share a parameter constraint saved in a MAT file. To create a shared constraint:

  1. Launch Constraint Manager.

  2. Click Create Constraint.

  3. Create a constraint with the required attributes.

  4. Select the Save constraint to MAT file check box and specify the MAT file name.

  5. Click Apply.

A shared constraint is listed in the Property editor section in the format <MATFileName>:<ConstraintName>. You can select any available constraint as required and associate it with an Edit parameter.

While creating shared constraints it is recommended that you:

  • Save constraints to MAT files that are in the MATLAB path.

  • Provide meaningful names to constraints so that other users can understand the nature of the constraint easily.

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