Keyboard Shortcuts for the Simulation Data Inspector

You can use several keyboard shortcuts to facilitate working with the Simulation Data Inspector. In the table, where the shortcut looks like Ctrl+N, to use the shortcut, you hold down the Ctrl key and then press the N key.


On Macintosh platforms, use the command key instead of Ctrl.

General Actions

Start a new sessionCtrl+N
Open a sessionCtrl+O
Save a sessionCtrl+S
Link/Unlink a subplotCtrl+U
Delete a run or signalDelete

Plot Zooming

Zoom in T (time)Ctrl+Shift+T
Zoom in YCtrl+Shift+Y
Zoom in T and Y


(Numeric keypad only)

Zoom out


(Numeric keypad only)

Fit to viewSpacebar
Cancel zoom operation or signal draggingEsc

Data Cursors

Show a data cursorCtrl+I
Hide all data cursorsShift+Del
Move a selected data cursor to next data pointRight arrow
Move a selected data cursor to previous data pointLeft arrow
Activate first (left) cursorCtrl+1
Activate second (right) cursorCtrl+2

Import Dialog Box

These actions pertain to the import table.

Expand all nodesCtrl+=
Collapse all nodesShift+Ctrl+=
Select a nodeSpace
Expand a single nodeRight arrow
Collapse a single nodeLeft arrow

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