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Returns all the active instances of subsystem references

Since R2022a



Simulink.SubsystemReference.getActiveInstances(path) returns all the active instances of subsystem reference blocks which point to the subsystem file.

Input Arguments

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The path of the subsystem reference file that is being referred in other Subsystem blocks. You can also specify the handle of the subsystem reference.

Output Arguments

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An array consisting of the path of all the active instances is returned.


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Simulink.SubsystemReference.getActiveInstances('mdl2/Subsystem Reference')
ans =

  4×1 cell array

    {'ssref1'                            }
    {'mdl1/Subsystem1'                   }
    {'mdl2/Subsystem Reference'          }
    {'mdl1/Subsystem/Subsystem Reference'}

Version History

Introduced in R2022a