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Number of leaf elements in Simulink.Bus object


getNumLeafBusElements(busObj) returns the number of leaf elements in the specified Simulink.Bus object.

A leaf element of a bus object is any element of the bus object that is not defined by another bus object. For example, a signal or message can be a leaf element of a bus object.


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Load a bus object into the base workspace by running the function named busObjectDefinition.


The top-level bus object, named TopBus, defines a signal named Step and a nested bus object. The nested bus object defines two signals: Chirp and Sine.

Get the number of leaf elements in TopBus.

num = getNumLeafBusElements(TopBus)
num = 3

TopBus has three leaf elements: Step, Chirp, and Sine.

Input Arguments

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Bus definition, specified as a Simulink.Bus object. The top-level bus object and each nested bus object must be in the base workspace.


Use the getNumLeafBusElements function to determine the number of MATLAB® timeseries objects needed to create a structure of timeseries objects from a bus.

Version History

Introduced in R2010b