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Package: mlreportgen.ppt

Get names of layouts for presentation slide master


layoutNames = getLayoutNames(presentation,slideMaster)



layoutNames = getLayoutNames(presentation,slideMaster) gets the names of layouts for a presentation slide master.


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Create a presentation.

import mlreportgen.ppt.*
slidesFile = 'layouts.pptx';
slides = Presentation(slidesFile);

Get the names of the slide masters in the presentation.

masters = getMasterNames(slides);

Get the names of layouts in the first slide master.

layouts = getLayoutNames(slides,masters{1});
Columns 1 through 5

  'Title Slide' 'Title and Vertica…'  'Vertical Title an…'  'Title and Table'  'Title and Picture'

 Columns 6 through 11

  'Title and Content'  'Section Header'  'Two Content'  'Comparison'  'Title Only'  'Blank'

 Columns 12 through 13

  'Content with Capt…'  'Picture with Capt…'

Generate the presentation. Open layouts.pptx. On a Windows® platform, you can open the presentation in MATLAB®:


if ispc

Input Arguments

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Presentation to get layout names for, specified as an mlreportgen.ppt.Presentation object.

Slide master to get layout names for, specified as a character vector.

Output Arguments

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Slide layout names in the PowerPoint® template, returned as a cell array of character vectors.

Introduced in R2015b