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Quick-Control Interfaces

Communicate with IVI-C-based instruments using Quick-Control Oscilloscope, Function Generator, and RF Signal Generator

The Quick-Control interfaces are used to control oscilloscopes, function generators, or RF signal generators that use an underlying IVI-C driver. You do not have to deal directly with the driver in these easy-to-use interfaces.


oscilloscopeConnection to Quick-Control Oscilloscope instrument
fgenConnection to Quick-Control Function Generator instrument
rfsiggenConnection to Quick-Control RF Signal Generator instrument
readWaveformReturns waveform displayed on scope
configureChannelReturn or set specified oscilloscope control on selected channel
downloadDownloads arbitrary waveform to RF signal generator
startEnables RF signal generator signal output and modulation output
resourcesList of available instrument resources for Quick-Control interfaces
driversList of available instrument drivers for Quick-Control interfaces
connectConnect device object to instrument
disconnectDisconnect device object from instrument


Quick-Control Oscilloscope

Quick-Control Function Generator

Quick-Control RF Signal Generator


Troubleshooting IVI and Quick-Control Interfaces

Try these tips if you have problems using the toolbox with the IVI and Quick-Control interfaces. Includes information about supported platforms, adaptor requirements, configuration and connection, and other interface-specific tips.