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When to Use the App vs. the Command Line

After installing the System Identification Toolbox™ product, you can start the System Identification app or work at the command line.

You can work either in the app or at the command line to preprocess data, and estimate, validate, and compare models.

The following operations are available only at the command line:

  • Generating input and output data (see idinput).

  • Estimating coefficients of linear and nonlinear ordinary differential or difference equations (grey-box models).

  • Using recursive online estimation methods. For more information, see topics about estimating linear models recursively on the Online Estimation page.

  • Converting between continuous-time and discrete-time models (see c2d and d2c reference pages).

  • Converting models to Control System Toolbox™ LTI objects (see ss (Control System Toolbox), tf (Control System Toolbox), and zpk (Control System Toolbox)).


    Conversions to LTI objects require the Control System Toolbox software.

New users should start by using the app to become familiar with the product. To open the app, on the Apps tab of MATLAB® desktop, in the Apps section, click System Identification. Alternatively, type systemIdentification in the MATLAB Command Window.

To work at the command line, type the commands directly in the MATLAB Command Window. For more information about a command, type doc command_name in the MATLAB Command Window.

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