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Global Output Structures

run can produce two types of output structures:

  • A global output structure. This structure contains information about the overall run from multiple starting points. Details follow.

  • Local solver output structures. The vector of GlobalOptimSolution objects contains one such structure in each element of the vector. For a description of this structure, see Output Structures, or the function reference pages for the local solvers: fmincon output, fminunc output, lsqcurvefit output , or lsqnonlin output .

Global Output Structure

funcCountTotal number of calls to user-supplied functions (objective or nonlinear constraint)
localSolverTotalNumber of local solver runs started
localSolverSuccessNumber of local solver runs that finished with a positive exit flag
localSolverIncompleteNumber of local solver runs that finished with a 0 exit flag
localSolverNoSolutionNumber of local solver runs that finished with a negative exit flag
messageGlobalSearch or MultiStart exit message

A positive exit flag from a local solver generally indicates a successful run. A negative exit flag indicates a failure. A 0 exit flag indicates that the solver stopped by exceeding the iteration or function evaluation limit. For more information, see Exit Flags and Exit Messages or Tolerances and Stopping Criteria.

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