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Create Empty Project in Unreal Engine

If you do not have an existing Unreal Engine® project, you can create an empty project by following these steps.

  1. In Unreal Engine, select File > New Project.

  2. Select a Blank template.

  3. Under Project Defaults, select BLUEPRINT or C++ to define the type of project to create.

  4. Select a project name and location. Click Create.

    New Project dialog box

  5. Enable the MathWorks Interface plugin.

    1. Select Edit > Plugins.

    2. On the Plugins tab, navigate to MathWorks Interface. Select Enabled.

      Project settings

  6. Save the project. Close the Unreal® Editor.

  7. Launch Simulink®. In a Simulation 3D Scene Configuration block, set:

    • Scene Source to Unreal Editor

    • Project to the project created in step 6.

    Select Open Unreal Editor to open the editor.

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