MATLAB and Simulink Seminars

Simulink for Electrification Series

Whether you were able to join us live or missed a session, you can now view the content discussed during the Simulink for Electrification series. 

Created with engineers, scientists and developers in mind, MathWorks experts discussed how Simulink and Model-Based Design help engineers optimize the design of power electronics and develop efficient code. 

Explore the broad spectrum of power electronic topics below including battery system, power converters, renewable energy, and motor control. 

Modeling and Simulation of Battery Systems Example 1: Impact of Cell Temperature on Battery Aging - View Video (3:26)
Example 2: Modeling Batteries Using Simulink and Simscape - View Video (22:16)
Example 3: Battery Cell Balancing and State of Charge (SOC) Estimation - View Video (17:48)
Implementing and Testing Battery Management System Algorithms View Video
Developing DC-DC Power Converter Controls View Video (52:42)
Developing Grid-Tied Solar Inverter Controls View Video (31:05)
Power Conversion for Wind Energy View Video (1:03:45)
Developing Field-Oriented Control Algorithms for Brushless Motors View Video (27:50)
Field-Weakening Control of Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors (IPMSM) View Video (45:34)
Simulink for Electrification