MathWorks Minidrone Competitions

The MathWorks Minidrone Competitions will introduce participants to Model-Based Design using Simulink. The participants will design a line follower algorithm for a minidrone. The competition consists of two rounds. Teams that qualify from Round 1 will be invited to the Round 2 event hosted by MathWorks.

  • Round 1 Simulation Round: Design algorithms virtually using Simulink
  • Round 2 Simulation and Hardware Deployment Round: Deploy the algorithm on a Parrot minidrone when shortlisted

The top three winning teams will be declared at the end of Round 2.

Participating teams will be provided with complimentary MathWorks software.

MathWorks Minidrone Competitions Around the World

MathWorks Minidrone Competition at Napoli 2021 Virtual 18 December 2020
MathWorks Minidrone Competition at Nordics and Baltics 2021 Virtual 25 January 2021

MathWorks Minidrone Masters

Teams that are crowned MathWorks Minidrones Masters have developed the fastest and most consistent minidrone line follower algorithms.


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Simulink Support Package for Parrot Minidrones

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