More Physics with MATLAB

More Physics with MATLAB explores how to use MATLAB to visualize physical processes. The Symbolic Math Toolbox is used  for solving problems that allow for closed form solutions. 

MATLAB graphics to help users visualize the solutions' properties. Dialog boxes allow users to change input parameters in order to illustrate how solutions change depending on the initial parameters. In particular, videos are used to display the evolution of solutions.

About This Book

Dan Green, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory

World Scientific Publishing Co., 2015

ISBN: 978-981-4623-94-0
Language: English

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MathWorks は、クラスルーム形式の授業のハイブリッドモデルへの移行、バーチャルラボの開発、完全オンラインのプログラムの立ち上げなど、形態や場所を問わず、アクティブラーニングの促進をサポートします。

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