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Introduction to Software for Chemical Engineers, 2nd edition

Introduction to Software for Chemical Engineers, Second Edition provides a quick guide to the use of various computer packages for chemical engineering applications. The book shows how to solve typical problems in fluid mechanics, heat and mass transfer, mass and energy balances, unit operations, reactor engineering, process and equipment design, and control.

This new edition offers a global idea of the capabilities of the software used in the chemical engineering field and provides examples for solving real-world problems. Written by leading experts, this book is a reference for chemical engineers looking to grow in their careers through the use of computer software. It has a user-friendly approach to simulation and optimization as well as example-based presentation, making it a teaching tool for both undergraduate and master levels.

A chapter on MATLAB is included that discusses MATLAB basics, application examples, and Simulink. A set of MATLAB code files is available for download.

About This Book

Mariano Martín Martín, University of Salamanca

CRC Press, Inc., 2020

ISBN: 9781138324213
Language: English

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