Video and Webinar Series

Using Software to Enhance Mathematics Education

In this video series we highlight how using software in different stages of mathematics education can enhance the learning experience. In a series of case studies we demonstrate how using MATLAB® helped students become more involved in their education process - by learning proactively through hands-on exercises, and sharing new knowledge by interacting with their peers.

MOOCs Discover the benefits of Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs) and how they have expanded access to education and evolved conventional classroom education.

Post Graduate Level SysMIC Course Incorporating software in the SysMIC course helps students understand the relevance of mathematical concepts in biology.

Undergraduate Level Learn how the “Mathematics for Bioengineering” course uses software to introduce computing tools in teaching mathematics and building essential programming skills.

STEM Education at Hills Road Sixth Form College Discover how Hills Road Sixth Form College uses MATLAB to broaden their computing curriculum, demonstrate real-life STEM applications, and provide students with a better understanding of basic scientific concepts.

Junior Level Ballistic Workshop In the Ballistics Workshop, children use a MATLAB app to explore the relationship between speed, angle, and distance in a human cannonball, working in small groups to collect data and make predictions.