MATLAB Online Server

Get Instant Access to MATLAB

Access MATLAB without any downloads or installations—just sign in with your organizational credentials to get started. Use MATLAB on-the-go, in group settings like conference rooms, and on Chromebook™ notebook computers.

Co-Locate MATLAB with Data

Perform in-place analysis of data and eliminate overhead associated with downloading large datasets. Preserve data integrity and ensure alignment with data governance principles by complying with organizational requirements on data export and other industry-standard regulations.

Install On-Premises or in the Cloud

Install and host MATLAB Online Server on-premises, including air-gapped scenarios, or cloud environments on virtual or bare-metal infrastructure. Centrally manage versions of MATLAB and add-on products.

Integrate with Your Infrastructure

Define user access by integrating with your identity management systems through LDAP or SAML. Specify storage profiles on your NFS drives or persistent volumes to provide per-user storage, shared storage, or a combination of the two.

Provide Differentiated Access to Resources

Configure MATLAB Online Server to provide access to high-performance instances with resources like GPUs. Create multiple resource pools to provide flexibility in versions of MATLAB and hardware capabilities.

Acceleration and Deployment

Speed up your code by using GPU and multicore processors for supported functions. Use MATLAB Coder™ to generate standalone ANSI-compliant C/C++ code from functions in Wavelet Toolbox™ that have been enabled to support C/C++ code generation. Generate optimized CUDA® code to run on NVIDIA® GPUs for supported functions.