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How can I make a table editable in app designer to use the resulting data matrix?
The following code might solve your problem. You can use the feature 'ColumnEditable' of a uitable to make some or all columns e...

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Appdesigner: How do I include a cell-array of strings for "Items" of listbox through Appdesigner GUI?
One workaround would be to iterate through all entries such as: for n = 1:size(app.Listbox_RP_names,1) app.ListBox.It...

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Matlab App Designer: Index exceeds matrix dimensions error
What format/size does the arrayString1 variable have? My best guess would be that in "app.S1 = IncomingString(1);" you possib...

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Showing Standard deviation (errorbar) in Radar Plot / on rotated axes
@dpb: thanks again for the final idea & you are right, it wasn't all to difficult to set up all bars at once. Not the nicest...

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Showing Standard deviation (errorbar) in Radar Plot / on rotated axes
In my radarplot I calculate the mean of certain values which I show on each one of the axes. I would now like to add an errorbar...

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Using the Matlab App Designer, How can I hide a numeric field with a button push?
You can set the visibility of the other label to 'off' using app.NameofComponent.Visible = 'off' I would create both com...

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