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Khodour Al Kadry


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I am a Software Engineer on DSP System Toolbox at MathWorks.

Professional Interests: Signal Processing, Mulitrate Filters and Spectral Analysis


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How Can I extract the Spectrum data from the "Spectrum Analyzer" in Matlab Simulink?
Hi Xuesu You can the method getSpectrumData to extract the data from the scope. Please refer to the following documentation pag...

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How to increase the font size in Spectrum Analyzer with Peak Finder settings
Hi Raja The capability of changing the font size on dsp.SpectrumAnalyer is not supported as of R2021a.

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dsp.channelizer acts unexpectedly with oversamplingRatio=4
Hi Harold This is a known issue with dsp.Channelizer, check the following bug report.

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How can I use dsp.timescope in appdesigner to measure data from serial?
Hi Donato By Looking at your code, I see that you are calling release in two unnessary spots. After show there is no need to ca...

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