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I am an intern at MathWorks. My responibilities include Machine Learning and its application in 5G at MathWorks.
DISCLAIMER: Any advice or opinions here are my own, and in no way reflect that of MathWorks.


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What does vdp stand for? (Mathworks Example Simulation Model)
Van der Pol equation : The mathematical model for the system is a well known second order ordinary differential equation with cu...

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How to check if matrix values are in set parameters
Hi Conner, You can loop over the given matrices and check if Mr falls between the set values in each matrix. Here's an example...

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Plotting a matrix of vector to the index with different makers for all vectors
Hi Oscar, You can do this task using set, which helps in setting object properties. Here’s an example of plotting a matrix w...

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Making a neural network with data given.
Hi Bhavick, This is a Machine Learning Classification Problem with input variables as voltage, current and power data, and outp...

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