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I want to learn new emerging computing concepts related to robotics, data science and artificial intelligence and use those skills in real life applications to make a difference. I also love competitive programming.
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How to set up the condition if the accuracy for e should be of 10^-14?
Assuming you want to loop until the accuracy e is of the order 10^-14 you can do the same for e_bar also: a=6378137; %semi-m...

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How to set the matrix of the .mat file to double or other types?
I assume that you have structs inside the matrix of your .mat file. If you want some element x which is a double or some other t...

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Correct Usage of uiwait and uiresume in MATLAB App Designer
Hi, Go through the following resources available for uiwait and uiresume in MATLAB App Designer:

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How can I choose the Inputs in the input dialogue box and enter value of the selected ones ?
I have made some changes in your code and I think it is working fine now. I have just added items to prompt and definput dynamic...

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Manual Weighted Least Squares Estimation
Assuming that you are asking whether division of each element of the matrix works, Yes it does. You can divide/add the constant ...

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