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Line simplification algorithm
We now implement the Douglas-Peucker line simplification algorithm in MATLAB. Please refer to the documentation:

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how to reduce vertices of polygon keep the shape same as much as possible
We now have "reducepoly" in MATLAB which can reduce the density of points in your polygon. Please see documentation:https://www....

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Matlab compiler resulting ".exe" file size and "cudnn64_*.dll"
Starting R2019a, the cudnn64_*.dll is not packaged in the CTF by default. For previous releases, please see bug report: https...

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Matlab error when reading analogVoltage from Arduino "The first input must contain a multiple of 2 elements to convert from uint8 (8 bits) to uint16 (16 bits)."
Hi, what exact line are you getting the error at? Also, I understand that you are reading voltage from a potentiometer and then ...

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Can matlab receive a ttl pulse through a VGA port/Mini D-sub 15-pin or USB port?
Could you give a detailed explanation of your workflow? Also, there seems to be a laptop and a computer, is one of them used to ...

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Mex Debugging with VS Code
Hi, I followed the steps mentioned in the tutorial for an example MEX file found in my case in, “C:\Program Files\MATLAB\R201...

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MEX Debugging with VS code
Hi, I followed the steps mentioned in the < tutorial> f...

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How can I run C# code in MATLAB?
I understand that you would like to call your C# program from MATLAB. To do so, you will have to first expose your C# code a...

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