Demos from Image Processing Webinar 2006

These demos were used in the Image Webinar recorded on January 19th, 2006
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This submission includes three demos that were presented in a phased approach in the Image Webinar recorded on January 19th, 2006.
Phase 1: We developed an algorithm to find and label broken pieces of candy in a static image (labelDefectsRGBImage.m).

Phase 2: We tested the algorithm with live images from a web camera. We added some flexibility to the original algorithm with the thresholding tool submitted to MATLAB® Central by Robert Bemis (labelDefectsLiveImage.m).

Phase 3: We used GUIDE to develop a graphical user interface that let us more easily work with live images and run the algorithm on them (shape.m and shape.fig).

I would like to thank Brian Madsen and Inpakala Simon for the contributions to this demo.


Bruce Tannenbaum (2024). Demos from Image Processing Webinar 2006 (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 取得済み .

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