Battery Pack Design Solution for Battery EVs in Simscape

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Battery pack model for thermal management tasks, with modules of cells in series and parallel.

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This repository shows use of Simscape to model an electric vehicle battery pack. There are three examples:
1. Battery Pack Thermal Management
Shows how to model an automotive battery pack for thermal management tasks.
2. Full Vehicle Thermal Management
Shows a BEV full vehicle thermal management with a detailed battery model.
3. Workflow from Module Design to Full Pack
Demonstrates a workflow to go from a detailed battery module design to a real-time pack plant model
4. Battery Management System for State of Charge estimation
Shows how to use Kalman Filters (EKF) and predict battery state of charge.
5. Battery Temperature estimation using Neural Networks
Shows how to use Neural Networks to eliminate a sensor in the battery pack. Demonstrates a workflow to generate training data for neural networks, train the network, validate it and use for time-series prediciton, and code generation for hardware deployment.
Open batteryExamplesProjectSetup.prj to get started up the project path. The project shortcut buttons in the toolstrip open these three examples.
Use the links below to get files compatible with earlier releases of MATLAB.
All examples have a battery-module custom component that is based on Simscape Electrical Battery (Table-Based) block for modeling battery behavior. Please visit the Simscape Electrical page to learn more about modeling electrical systems.
Try these free, hands-on tutorials to learn how to use Simscape:
To learn more about Simscape, visit the resources page for tutorials and examples:


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