バージョン 2.0.0 (4.63 KB) 作成者: Adam Danz
Converts GIF images to AVI (or MP4) video files.
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更新 2020/5/28


gif2avi(file) converts a gif file to an avi video and saves it to the current directory.

gif2avi(file, destination) specifies where the avi file should be saved and its file name.
gif2avi(file, '.mp4') converts to mp4 file.

gif2avi(file, [ ], 'nLoops', n) records the gif loop n-times.

Set the profile (output file type), FrameRate, Colormap, and Quality in VideoWriter by using name-value parameter inputs.

aviFile = gif2avi(__) returns the full path to the avi file.

[~, vidObj] = gif2avi(__) returns the VideoWriter object.

When complete, a message is printed to the command window indicating the location of the output file.
Special thanks to Walter Roberson for feedback that improved this submission.


Adam Danz (2024). gif2avi (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 取得済み .

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作成: R2020a
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バージョン 公開済み リリース ノート

VideoWriter inputs are now passed as name-val pairs. nLoops option to control number of GIF loops. MP4 now supported. Improved input validation. Only partially compatible with earlier versions of gif2avi().


Frame rate input added (fps) and VideoWriter object output added (vwo).


Corrected error caused by duplicate periods in the file extension. Added an assertion to check that destination directory exists.


Small changes to documentation, added profile input and outFile output.