Patch for annotationPane errors in GUIDE [Beta]

バージョン 1.1.2 (3.95 KB) 作成者: Adam Danz
A patch to the problem of editing GUIs in GUIDE in r2019b (and later?)
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更新 2021/3/17


Note: Matlab has since patched this problem in update #3 for r2019b:

This file is therefore no longer supported.

The r2019b release of Matlab often causes a problem when editing a GUI in GUIDE. AnnotationPane objects were added to certain GUI components and when certain properties are changed from within GUIDE, an error dialog appears preventing the user from making changes to the GUI.

This file (guidefunc.m) acts as a wrapper function to Matlab's guidefunc() by searching for and deleting AnnotationPane objects prior to loading the GUI into GUIDE.

Simply add this file to your Matlab path and open your GUI in GUIDE as you normally would. See the help section for important information.

This function is in the beta stage and your feedback is much appreciated (email address in file).

For discussion on this top in the forum, see

Special thanks to Brunno Machado de Campos for providing an additional test GUI and feedback.


Adam Danz (2024). Patch for annotationPane errors in GUIDE [Beta] (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 取得済み .

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作成: R2019b
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Changes to file exchange description only.


Updated description to announce Matlab's patch in update #3 in r2019b.


When this function is accessed from a Matlab release prior to r2019b, instead of throwing an error a warning dialog is displayed one time only and the inputs to the function are all directly sent to Matlab's built-in function.


Added beta to title and description; no change to file.


Changes to file description (file not changed)


Title and description changes.