Vascular Permeability calculation of permeability with a Patlak Compartmental model

Calculation of Vascular Permeability and Patlak Analysis of microvessels
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Reyes‐Aldasoro, C. C., Wilson, I. , Prise, V. E., Barber, P. R., Ameer‐Beg, M. , Vojnovic, B. , Cunningham, V. J. and Tozer, G. M. (2008), Estimation of Apparent Tumor Vascular Permeability from Multiphoton Fluorescence Microscopic Images of P22 Rat Sarcomas In Vivo. Microcirculation, 15: 65-79. doi:10.1080/10739680701436350
Measurement of vascular permeability
The analysis of vascular permeability of tumour blood vessels is of interest for the treatment of cancer for 3 main reasons. First, the vascular wall represents a major barrier to the entry of high molecular weight anti-cancer agents into tumour tissue; second, it controls the tumour microenvironment thus affecting tumour progression and third, changes in its barrier function may provide an early indicator of vascular damage following treatment with anti-angiogenic or vascular disrupting drugs. Despite these important factors, tumour vascular permeability has received little attention in terms of the analytic measurements.

We have developed an image processing-based algorithm (Reyes-Aldasoro, et. al., Microcirculation, 2008) to measure the vascular permeability of microvessels to intravenously-administered 40 kDa fluorescein isothiocyanate (FITC) labelled dextran in tumours.

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Constantino Carlos Reyes-Aldasoro (2024). Vascular Permeability calculation of permeability with a Patlak Compartmental model (, GitHub. 取得済み .

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