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Frequency Response Measurement with Matlab

version (29.6 KB) by Hristo Zhivomirov
Frequency response measurement of a two-port circuit with NI USB-6211.


Updated 07 Apr 2019

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The code presented here concerns the frequency response measurement of a two-port circuit with DAQ-system NI USB-6211. The measurement is based on the Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT) and Maximum Likelihood estimation (MLE) of the amplitude and phase of the input and output voltage the two-port circuit, respectively. Then the frequency response modulus and phase is calculated. The excitation of the device under test is performed via single-tone sine wave signal with stepwise increasing frequency. The code provides:
1) a plot of the frequency response (modulus and phase) of the two-port circuit;
2) data.txt file with the measurement results (for post-processing).

The code is based on the theory described in:

[1] H. Zhivomirov, I. Iliev. Impedance Frequency Response Measurement with Matlab Implementation. Journal of the Technical University of Gabrovo, ISSN: 1310-6686, Vol. 52, pp. 61-65, 2016. (

[2] NI USB-621x Specifications.pdf. Austin, National Instruments, Corp., 2009.

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